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SA training

Our SpatialAnalyzer specialists are available for various types of training.

All training can be carried out at your premises with your own instruments or in our own training centre with a large equipment pool in Bruchsal.

We have various training solutions in our program – write us at and we will send you further informations.


Possibilities of self-training

“Productions are being reduced or even stopped”, “Service providers can unfortunately no longer work on job sites” – these messages have reached us all in the last few days. Many SpatialAnalyzer users are working from home. Use this time to refresh and expand your SpatialAnalyzer knowledge.


Do you already know…

… the latest SA feature videos on YouTube?

… the SA webinars of NRK. These always take place on the first Friday of each month – the next dates and topics can be found here.


… our German language supplement manual for SpatialAnalyzer users. Then write to our support team!
… the new SA menu Ribbon Bar … the SA sample files that you install automatically when you install SpatialAnalyzer. You can find them at any time in the SA interface in the Help menu. … the news from the older SA versions, which we have sent to our customers as a newsletter over the last years.


And now two last tips:

Use the time to update your SpatialAnalyzer version and to prepare SA template files for the next measurement jobs.